86W Nail Dryer for Gel Nail Polish, Quick Dry with 36 LED Beads, Gel Nail Lamp with LCD Display, Smart Sensor, Removable Base for Manicure and Pedicure

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Professional 86W High Power Nail Lamp: The higher the power of the nail lamp, the faster the nails dry. ABOX 72W LED UV Nail Lamp with 36 evenly distributed LED bulbs is 80% faster than other gel nail lamps to even harden nail gels, no dead zone. Provide you with a wonderful quality living room experience at home
QUICK DRYING GEL FOR ALL NAILS: Star2 gel nail dryer adopts 365 / 405nm UV + LED dual light source, works for all kinds of nail polish and extensions, including hard gels, rhinestone gemstones, UV / LED gels, CND Shellac, acrylic, sculpture, florins, builders, gem glue, etc.
Smart nail polish dryer: 4 timer settings and LED touch screen (10s / 30s / 60s / 99s) to display the drying process Painless low temperature mode 99s for comfortable drying experience. Auto sensor and memory function make it easy to operate without pressing the button repeatedly
SAFE TO SKIN AND EYES: Star2 UV gel nail lamp emits non-ultraviolet white daylight just like sunlight, without damaging the eyes or skin. Say goodbye to obsolete unique UV nail lamps causing hand blackening and eye irritation

The luminous beads provide an advanced technology called dual optical wavelength (365nm + 405nm), which can work with all kinds of UV and LED nail polish. For example: base coat, top coat, color gel, hard gels, builder, acrylic, sculpting gel, gem glue, etc.

Simulating the sun, the nail dryer can protect the skin of the hand and completely say goodbye to the blackening of pastry glue caused by the lights.

The unique 99s low heat mode nail lamp is perfect for hardening builders or hard gels. The power gradually increases during this mode to create a painless nail drying experience. Its heat dissipation holes protect your skin and the nail lamp from overheating.

Beautiful modern design with an elegant and deep piano finish. Are you afraid of getting it dirty and cleaning it very hard? Just a rag and still shiny like new.

Finding the time to do our salon manicures is tricky and expensive. No more expensive and frequent trips to the nail salon! Professional UV nail lights allow you to achieve salon-quality manicures and pedicures.

Enjoy good DIY moments at home instead of going to the salon in this unusual moment! This nail dryer is a perfect gift for your friends, wife and daughter to keep their nails shiny and beautiful as usual

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