Nail Art Brush, Art Design Painting Pen Set Nail Art Tips Builder Brush for Home and Salon Use Tools

Quantity: You will get 8 pieces of different nail painting brushes, 8 pieces in total, you can choose according to your different needs.
Nail Painting Brushes: The pen holders are made of acrylic, and the heads are made of nylon wool, with adequate flexibility, and it is not easy to lose the bristles. It is easier to apply glitter powder with them, draw exquisite 3D patterns, pictures and flowers, use UV gels and gradient French nails, etc.
Nail Liner Brushes: The pen holders are made of plastic, alloy and rhinestones and decorated with bright colors such as pink, yellow, purple, blue, orange and more, vivid, unique and fashionable colors.
Wide Use: The acrylic rhinestone pens are ideal for professional salons and home nail art, suitable for nail specialists and nail learners, they are good gifts for your friends, sisters and family members, you can enjoy the fun nail art one for each other.
Warm tips: wash it with water to wash the pen or warm water. Nail polish removers containing alcohol or acetone are not recommended, keep them always aerated and whenever possible. Keep your brushes out of direct sunlight. With proper care and cleaning, you can ensure the brushes have a longer life.

Brush Care and Tips: Proper use, along with proper care and cleaning, will ensure your brushes have a longer life.

1. The paint brushes can be cleaned with water immediately after painting with water-based pigment, but if the water-based pigment or oil color harden for a long time, then you need to use a brush cleaner to clean them .

2. Wash the brushes with a special makeup cleanser and then suck up water with a dry towel.

3. Perfectly shape the hair of the brushes, place it in the shade and air dry.

4. Do not blow dry it, avoid pulling and cutting the hair from the brushes.

5. It would not affect the use of brushes if there is slight hair removal phenomenon. We will attend to your need. And we support the perfect service for you.

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