Nail Rhinestone Picker Double End Nail Art Dotting Tool

🌹1 pieces 2-way double-ended for rhinestone selector pen, useful and valuable for nail design, no more worry about the wax head running out.
🌹Wax + steel head, acrylic rhinestone handle. Easily collect rhinestones, beads, gems and trinkets.
🌹The wax tip makes the placement of rhinestones on natural nails, false nails, acrylic nails easier and more accurate.
🌹1cm diameter acrylic handle, studded with rhinestones, comfortable and easy to handle.
🌹 Does not deform and does not corrode, durable for long time use.

Made to offer the best quality in creating beautiful nail designs.
Silicone brushes are designed to be used with gel polishes, hard gels, acrylics, nail polishes, nail decals, nail wraps, and acrylic paints.
Complete nail art pen including 5 different shape designs for different functions, meeting different needs and making your nails more beautiful and charming.
Ideal for fine nail art work, suitable for professional and home use.

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