Professional Nail Art Kit for Home and Salon Acrylic Nail Manicure Pedicure Tool

【Multifunctional】: Nail Drill Kit Comes With 6 Different Metal Drill Bits – Each Drill Bit Has Different Function, Design For Manicure, Removing Calluses, Cutting, Engraving, Routing, Grinding, Sharpening, Sanding, Polishing, Drilling and more.
【Widely Used】: Professional nail kit machine can be used for natural nails as well as artificial nails, suitable for professional use, nail salon, makeup studio or home use.
【Portable】: Powerful nail drill is easy to replace bits / files without any tools, convenient to use.
【Adjustable speed】: 0-30,000 RPM, controlled by a shaft button, makes it easy and safe to polish your nails. Effectively treat delicate areas and rough calluses.
【Save Money】: Owning this nail machine, you can solve any demand for hand and foot care anytime and anywhere.

How to replace drills / parts?
● 1- Press the BUTTON while turning counterclockwise until the chuck loosens
● 2- Loosen the KNOB, insert the drilling tip of your choice. (PS: cannot insert? Keep step 1)
● 3- Adjust the length of the tip of the drill bit then turn clockwise. PS: Push the BUTTON while turning the chuck clockwise to make sure it is secure
● 4- Once it has slipped into the slot, continue to turn the KNOB to loosen the opening. You can then replace the drills
How to control the speed of the nail drill?
There is a roller at the end of the machine to adjust the speed.
When you turn the roller to [On], the machine will start, the more you switch to [On], the speed will be faster, while when you turn [Off], the speed will be low until stopped.
Please pay attention that when the machine is started, the mini speed reaches 3000rpm, which can not adjust downward and it comes with noise within 40dB

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