Review for Jollin Glue Fix Flatback Rhinestones Glass Diamantes Gems for Nail Art

Product description :

  • Size SS20: 4.8mm,Made of glass
  • Quantity: 576 Rhinestones
  • Swarovski alternative premium quality flatback rhinestones
  • Use tips:glue fix,non-hotfix,you can use glue like E6000 to make your project.
  • Ideal for Decorating Many Items Including Mobile Phone Cases, Shoes, Clothes and Can Also Be Used to Make Jewellery and Greeting Cards Etc.
Review for Jollin Glue Fix Flatback Rhinestones Glass Diamantes Gems for Nail Art

Product’s reviews :


I used these after I ran out of my 20ss Swarovski crystals for my project. They are virtually identical, and are really beautiful. These ABs may have a bit more green flash, whereas the Swarovski ones lean toward their blue/pink flash only and very rarely show the green flash. But not enough for anyone to ever notice the difference. And I prefer the even green/blue/pink flash of these. They are also a tiny bit lighter (weight wise) which maybe important to you if you are encrusting something in jewels like I am.



I’m basing all 5 stars on all aspects of the purchase. Without comparing to a more crystal like brand. This is close to wholesale price, and the tables on ALL my ss40 are close to even. Thw cut is very important for scintillation. They look good in almost every light. Sunlight makes them a bit green. Warm lamp light is my favorite. The video is LED white light and regular room light (white).

I got a color sample. Interested in buying more.

I do not know the quality of smaller stones. This review is for ss40 size ONLY


Tiffany Cordes

I love this product!!! I did my motorcycle helmet in them and everyone LOVES it!!! The picture doesn’t even do it justice. It is so shiny and captures the light so well! It did take almost 4000 rhinestones to cover my helmet. If you’re doing a big project, you’re going to need more than you think! I thought 1440 would be plenty at first, then used all of that and ordered 3 more bags!! =)



I bought these for a dance costume and they are fantastic quality. Looked much more impressive in person than in the picture.

I also bought the crystal AB rhinestones and was very impressed.

I also received a few free silver/clear crystals!


Gail N.

Now I have a lot of Swarovski flatbacks that I use for jewelry. For my nail art I didn’t really want to use my expensive flatbacks, but the ones that are a few dollars in those round containers just weren’t cutting it. So, even though these were quite a bit more than the bargain ones, I decided to get them.

Am I ever glad I did! These are the best Swarovski dupes I have ever seen — and believe me, I’ve seen a lot. The clarity and sparkle of the crystals is truly amazing.

These are so nice, I plan to get some in the larger sizes to use with my jewelry! They are that good. I am very, very happy with these crystal AB flatbacks.



I absolutely love this product. I couldn’t be happier. I bought them to bedazzle some things I own and they give off the perfect shine that I needed. I’ve already gotten compliments on how sparkly they are. As far as quality goes, they fit the purposes for which I’m using them so 5 stars! They even included about 20 other clear rhinestones of the same size as a gift – great addition! Great seller, happy buyer.

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